The Sequential Art Major's Storyboard and Preproduction Track: Character, Environment, and Prop Design, Storyboards, and Concept Art for Film, Games, and Animation

This page exists as an informal introduction to the Sequential Art major of the Savannah College of Art and Design's Atlanta campus (where I teach) and is an extension of the Frequently Asked Questions page on my website, croganadventures.comIt is in no way affiliated with the school itself, and is merely a means by which to explain the details of the program as I see them to the folks who have asked about it.  If you are looking for the official SCAD website's information on its Sequential Art program, please click here, and you will be redirected.
Though the Sequential Art program is rooted pretty heavily in comics, you can shape your BFA curriculum (by means of electives and your Senior Project) to prepare you for a career in preproduction, doing design work, concept art, and/or storyboarding.  Whether for animation, film, television, or video games, there is a need for people who can design and draw and do so both quickly and well; we will teach you to do both.
If you really want to focus your energies in this direction, you can minor in either Storyboarding or Concept Design for Games.
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